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Friedrich Schiller

     Konferenz in Flörsheim, November 2012   

Daniel Estulin
Journalist, Spain

Written Submission

The Way Out of the Spanish Crisis

I live in Spain, and Spain of course is a basket case. The entire country is on strike. Nothing works and nothing will work. In fact, the headlines in all the major newspapers this past week stressed that Spain in 2013 is going to be dirtier, darker and more unsafe than ever before.

What we are witnessing is the wholesale transfer of wealth from the average person into the hands of the elite. Of course that is happening worldwide, but in Spain it actually came as a shock to most people. I think it is safe to say that Spain has long ago ceased to be a nation state and has become a wholesale protectorate of the elite and gangster capitalists. The degradation of society is all around you, as social services, health care, care for the elderly, public schools is being or cut by more than 80% or completely eliminated in the name of balancing the budget and fiscal responsibility, which is a misnomer for greater corporate control of the resources of the nation.

Police salaries are being cut, which means there will be greater unrest and insecurity in the near future.

What´s interesting in Spain, is that the government is resorting to some of the old PR which was used in the United States in the past to reorganize the economy and make it a top down model.

One of the ways in which this is being done is through war on drugs, money laundering, specifically designed supposedly to ensnare the Russian and the Chinese mafias. Obviously, this is all being done in our name. If you watch it carefully, you will notice two things:

The war on drugs and the war on terror have become a single enterprise. In fact, as far as I am concerned, they have always been a single enterprise, looking at it from the design standpoint of the people who are running the planet. I am convinced that the war on terror was designed to take the war on drugs to the next step, and frankly the war on drugs never had anything to do with drugs in the first place. The war on drugs had run out of the political quorum and now the government has given it new energy and impetus.

I think it has become obvious to most thinking people that all these wars on the alleged, invisible enemies is really part of the global war on us the people. We are the enemy. Those who live in the United States know exactly what I am talking about.

Another thing you will notice is that there is a tremendous infrastructure of enforcement bureaucracy. In fact, from reports in the alterative media, there are far more people looking for bad guys then there are bad guys out there. Police is everywhere. What´s of greater concern is that although there are protesters, most people take it in stride. But then again, it shouldn´t surprise us. Over 110 million voted for the two party candidates in the US Presidential elections. In Spain, you see the same pattern. Which makes you question people´s moral compass or lack of it.

Back in the 1930s, the Nazis looted the Jews to finance their occupation, but in today´s America, it is the neo-nazis who run the country led by that degenerate who is taking up space in the White House. I am referring to Obama in case people have doubts as to which one of the many degenerates I am referring to.

And all this lip service which the democrats and the republicans paid to the working class during the elections about how they are all pro-little Joe six pack, when in fact they are the ones who want to exterminate the Joes because there is a bunker mentality now prevalent in the United States and also in Europe. You circle the wagons and see who will outlast whom. This is the war of attrition.

We know that the economy is being collapsed on purpose. There is a lot of noise being made in the media about how the collapse of the housing market has caused such great pain to the family. But, what is being completely ignored in the media and by the political class is just how much money is being stolen globally with the debasement of currency.

If you look at how much an average household of 4 people lost through the debasement of the currency, be it the dollar or any other fiat currency over a five year period, and then calculate it for the population of 100,000 people, in purchasing power it works out to over $3.3 billion. Now, if you extrapolate it for the population of the first world, the sum becomes incalculable.

So, everybody is having their moneys confiscated daily as we speak, except it doesn´t seem to register with the media and the people because for now, at least, nobody in the government is resorting to physically steal money from you. But then again, they don’t have to because they have figured out a better way to do that.

Then, there is the drug trade. Last years, exactly in November 2011, Banco Santander, Spain´s leading bank and a loyal member of the Inter-Alpha Group opened up one of their largest branch offices in the world…in the most dangerous ghettos, favelas as they are called in Spanish, of Rio de Janeiro. The media called it “social consciousness.”

Now, what is it that a ghetto in Rio has that might be of interest to Emilio Botin and Banco Santander?

As Lyn and Jeff Steinberg, Dennis Small and obviously you, Helga have been warning for years, the drug proceeds are being laundered through HongShang, Barclays´, Wachovia, Coutts, Scotiabank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Banco Santander and all the other banks of the Inter Alpha Group, hundreds of billions of dollars are being laundered through these institutions, as a part of these make belief wars. We are literally witnessing the real live version of the financial coup de etat. You have the toy soldier wars on the one hand and the real wars that destroy a far greater number of lives, through stealth on the other.

So, what´s interesting to watch now, that the presidential elections have been decided, at least for the foreseeable future, is how the budget wars will play themselves out, not only in the US but also in Spain. We are seeing the first signs of what´s coming as Spain has literally ground to a halt. The country is up in arms, not the whole country, but the angry and angrier far outnumber the police.

We are all familiar with the term “the fiscal cliff”. Well, the Spanish Prime Minister is about to be pushed off that cliff, but not before the IMF and company get possession of whatever is left that is still of value in this country.

Needless to say, white color crimes have become daily fodder of the Spanish society at large. Spain is a microcosm, so far, but if you look at it worldwide, we can connect the dots and see the pattern.

For example, we have the elite in the United States, in Israel, in the UK, who are literally free to kill with impunity and then you have the people who are not empowered to kill with impunity. And if you look at the budget discussion in America and in Spain, every expense of the people who are free to kill with impunity is off balance sheet and their revenues are not taxable. So, we are a part of the society where more and more people are not subject to the laws. These people are few, relatively speaking, but extremely powerful and growing more and more so on daily basis. And then you have practically everyone else who is subject to the laws and who feel greater and greater desperation for the environment they live in. And that´s what the political war is all about. So, if we are to put it in perspective, you have the banks who are laundering all this money, but they are not a separate entity, and Banco Santander is a good example of this, but rather a cog in the system working for the people who are above the law.

And of course, this isn’t something that is inherent to America. We saw it in the elections in the USA with the Republican candidate and his VP who is a couple of inches removed from being a fully fledged Nazi, and the same situation in Spain with the current government and the current opposition party.

Global elite who run the world on a supranational level are always on the lookout for the candidates in every country and every party who can build enough of a consensus to buy everyone into a solution. And this is exactly what happened in Spain. I mean the guy who is the President, Mariano Rajoy, the only job he is qualified to do is to sell tickets in a zoo, but they dressed him up, dusted him off, gave him a new haircut, bought him a new suit and made him a President. Now, this system of doing business always worked as long as you could print as much money as you wanted because you did not have to balance the budget and just pay everybody off.

In Spain, as you are probably aware, there is a tremendous aggravated crisis of people not only losing their livelihood as a result of a financial meltdown, but on top of it they are being left homeless as banks take their properties away when families can’t make their mortgage payments. So, the LIBOR scandal which hit the front pages of the corporate press in late spring and summer, is being played out today in Spain as the media is actually publishing stories of the Spanish banks manipulating interest rates, and so forth.

The way I understand it is this is about asserting top down control. The central banks in Spain, in the USA and the rest of the world are doing everything they can to press down interest rates. They want to institute the system that gives them better control and ability to do that because now, sovereign governments be it in Europe or the USA, need the lowest possible interest rates and they need to force the banks to lend money to them and not to the broader economy. Now, in the press, the situation is being painted the other way around. As if the governments are helpless against bad banks.

Except, it isn´t true. With the financial cout de etat, the elite want to move the banks into the utility model because if you look at the banks at the moment, they are all trading and operating with the federal credit.

So, in conclusion, we are at the crossroads. And the roads we take will now terminate whether we will live in the XXI century as nation state republics or subjugated, culled and dehumanized crop of slaves.

The situation is extremely grave. But the human will is immortal. Amidst the deafening cacophony of patriotic silence, insurgent voices command attention. Immortality has its moral basis in truth and incorruptibility. It deserves to be given all the support that it can get. It deserves to be fought and died for. Finally, history teaches by analogy, not identity. The historical experience is not one of staying in the present and looking back. Rather it is one of going back into the past and returning to the present with a wider and more intense consciousness of the restrictions of our former outlook.

Francisco Goya´s Plate 79 of Disasters shows the fair maid of Liberty flat on her back, bosom exposed. Ghostly figures play about the corpse while monks dig her grave. Truth has died. Murió la verdad. How is that for an alternative? Forewarned is forearmed. It is not up to God to save us, it is up to us. We will never find the right answers if we can't ask the proper questions.